Breeder: Dekoel Smith
Sire:  USAPurrs Real McCoy
Dam:  SiempreAmar Lieke

98% Fully Traceable Ragdoll lines to Ann Baker’s 3 Original ancestral
cats:  JOSEPHINE (a female), BURMESE (a female; called Blackie in some
databases) and BIRMAN (a male; called Beauty in some databases)
according to Dayton’s Genetics Card.

DOB: 12/12/23

COLOR/PATTERN:  Blue Point Mitted with Blaze (BBdd/CsCs/S2)

UC DAVIS TEST RESULTS:  HCM & MPS Neg/Normal; Blood type A; Felv/FIV
                                                                                     OPTIMAL SELECTION DNA RESULTS:

Raijin's Pedigree

Raijin's UC Davis Report

Raijin's VGL Report