Cinnamon Ragdolls

The Cinnamon Line...


Sire: RW QGC NY Divine DollsJulius Caesar (Seal Lynx Point Mitted carrying Cinnamon)
Dam: Cherubims Coral Jewel (Solid Silver Fawn [Tabby] Bicolor)

84% Original Ragdoll lines traceable to Ann Baker’s 4 Original cats: Josephine, Blackie, Beauty, and Raggedy Ann Emile.

COLOR/PATTERN: Solid Cinnamon Tabby High Mitted Bicolor 
(b1b1Dd/Ccs/Aa/S2 S2)


Purebred Cinnamon Ragdolls

Dr. Maxine Stiles, a veterinarian and geneticist, and Sharon Steadman of Lattedolls, introduced the cinnamon gene from an outcross of an Abyssinian into the Ragdoll breed. After many generations, Dr. Stiles was granted her first SBT registration papers from TICA, in 2007, for Dollnouveau Dr. Pepper. 

A cat’s “phenotype” is the way it looks and it’s “genotype” describes its actual genetic makeup for particular pairs of genes. Skutchie’s great-grandfather, RW DGC Dollnouveau Cinnamon Sebastian of NYDIVINEDOLLS, phenotypically is a Cinnamon Lynx Colorpoint Ragdoll, and genetically is b’b’Dd. 

 If a cat gets the dominant black form of the gene from one parent, then regardless of what came from the other parent, the cat will be black (BB, Bb, or Bb’). With no black gene, but with two copies of the chocolate gene, the cat will be chocolate (bb or bb’). The only way to see the cinnamon color, is for the cat to have two copies of the recessive cinnamon gene (b’b’Dd  or b’b’DD). 

The cinnamon gene is a mutation of the gene responsible for producing black hair in the cat. An “allelic” group includes differing mutations of the same gene. In the cat, this particular allelic group includes black (B), chocolate (b) and cinnamon (b’). Black is the dominant form of this gene. Chocolate behaves as recessive to black, and dominant to cinnamon; therefore, cinnamon is the recessive to chocolate. 

With only one copy of the recessive cinnamon gene (Bb’ or bb’), a cat is  considered a cinnamon carrier, and that cat’s phenotype will not exhibit the cinnamon coloration, but it will have the ability to produce visual cinnamons when mated to a pure cinnamon with two copies of the cinnamon gene. Skutchie’s grandfather, RW Ch NYDIVINEDOLLS Caesar, and his father, RW QGC NYDIVINEDOLLS Julius Caesar, both are pointed Ragdolls that also carry cinnamon. A diluted cinnamon cat is a fawn. It takes three pairs of recessives to produce this coat color – cscs, b’b’ dd. Skutchie’s mother is a solid fawn tabby bicolor Ragdoll.

Minks, Sepias, and Solids are not registrable in all cat associations. They are not currently accepted for championship in North America. Many Ragdoll clubs do not allow breeders of this variation to join or advertise their non-blue eyed kittens.  The purebred, registered Minks, Sepias, and Solids may be entered and shown, however, in TICA, ironically, under “New Traits,”considering the fact that we would not have the recessive Blue eyed variant of the Ragdoll without the solids and minks. Although Skutch comes from a lengthy line of champions, Skutch was shown under “New Traits” at multiple shows, due to this rule, in TICA as a kitten and as an adult. Each placard that is attached to his multiple ribbons represent different judges who determined, with the exception of color, that Skutch met the Ragdoll Breed Standard and moreso than others who were shown in “New Traits” at that same time.