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New York Divine Dolls Ragdoll Kittens!

Welcome to New York Divine Ragdolls Cattery—home to Supreme Grand Champions! Heartiness, temperament, and conformation to breed standards, in that order, are our priorities in regard to breeding. Our mission is to to continue to be an outstanding Cattery, breeder, and exhibitor of purebred Ragdoll cats, as well as to serve clients desiring to complete their families with exquisite, robust, and affectionate feline companions.

NY DIVINE Dolls is a closed cattery, and as such we do not permit our cats to be utilized for stud service. We are not affiliated with any other cattery within New York. As stated earlier, the health, and well being, of all of our felines is of the utmost importance.

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 NYDIVINEDOLLS is triple registered with the following feline fanciers organizations (click on abbreviations to be taken to their websites):
The International Cat Association
Loving Cats Worldwide
Cat Fanciers Association
The International Ragdoll Cat ALLIANCE (Temporarily unpublished–working on updates)
Ragdoll DNA Registry (Temporarily unpublished–working on updates)
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