Cherubim Ragdolls

On June 2, 2022, a proposal was submitted to Steven Meserve, the owner and founder of LCWW (Loving Cats Worldwide), and discussions ensued pertaining to the addition of Mink and Sepia Ragdolls into the Championship Class with the Solids in the Non Championship Class. On October 20, 2023, the LCWW’s Feline and Friendship Advisory Panel passed the motion to have Ragdolls and Cherubim (Mink and Sepia Ragdolls) compete in the same breed class; in addition to this, LCWW also declared that Cherubim registration papers would also be changed to “Cherubim Ragdoll”! NYDIVINEDOLLS Mink Cherubim Ragdolls have earned LCWW titles of Junior Champion through Double Grand Champion as of May 4, 2024. On November 28, 2023, a proposal was submitted to request that Solid Ragdolls be considered for entry into the Championship Class of LCWW.

NYDIVINEDOLLS and ElviasRDBabz’ Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls have been shown in TICA within the “New Traits” class since August of  2010. On October 17th, 2023, the notice of intent was published in the TICA (The International Cat Association) Trend magazine as the first step taken to apply for “New Traits” (Minks, Solid, Sepia Ragdolls) to advance to Championship status as Cherubim through the creation of a breed group. The three years prior, finally, had enough “NT” cats showing to move forward with a proposal for advancement. This intent was submitted as per TICA rules which required it to be published a minimum of 120 days prior to the Board of Directors meeting at which time the application would be heard.

On November 5, 2023 an “unofficial” survey was sent to the breed section to permit all voices to be heard in regard to the name of the breed group. The choices were as follows:  Cherubim, Cherubim Ragdoll, or Cherubim Doll. On November 6, 2023, the proposal was completed by Christine Lupo, Amanda Jimmink, and Elizabeth Boatwright with the breed group name still to be determined.  Breeders of  pointed, solid, mink, and sepia Ragdolls (there were five Blue Eyed Pointed breeders and five breeders representing the soon to be Cherubim) that collaborated on revising and finalizing the proposal that went through dozens of revisions, among ourselves, whittling it down from six pages to one. Upon determining the name and ability to pass an official vote, the proposal and application was completed and signed by all ten and submitted to the appropriate committees. 


On February 26, 2024, the Rules and Genetics Committees provided their input and suggested changes for the proposal, of which was completed post haste. On April 21, 2024, the official New Traits Advancement Poll closed. The TICA Ragdoll breed section voted FOR the breed group of Cherubim (CB) to be incorporated into the Ragdoll Breed Standard and on May 1, 2024 it was determined that 52.35% voting members supported the intitiative. On May 19, 2024, the TICA Board of Directors voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass the Advancement of New Traits as a Ragdoll and Cherubim Breed Group. Cherubim will be required to complete the new breed annual reports for three years.  Solid, Mink, and Sepia Ragdolls will be eligible to compete for CHAMPIONSHIP in TICA as Cherubim beginning May 1, 2025!


NYDIVINEDOLLS Cherubim Ragdolls

LCWW Breed Standard:

TICA Breed Standard as of May 1, 2025:

Ann Baker's SOLID Ragdolls registered as early as 1967 in NCFA including

the Daytons' SOLID Black & White Ragdoll, Opal: