DollHeaven Traveler's Jetsetter of NYDIVINEDOLLS

Sire:  IW RW SGC Kylador Travelin’ Salesman
Dam: USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Daisy

DOB: 5/3/15

Original Ragdoll lines traceable to Ann Baker’s 3 Original cats: Josephine, Blackie, Beauty.

Purely Traditional for at least 10 Generations in her pedigree. TICA & CFA Registered.

COLOR/PATTERN:  Blue Point Mitted (BBdd/CsCs/S2s)

UC DAVIS TEST RESULTS:  DNA Genetic Markers Complete; Blood type A, RD HCM, MPS VI and FeLV/FIV Negative/Normal

Jet's Genetic Test Results

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